Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Management is a process where a product are made and delivered to costumers structurally. A supply chain works as a network which connecting organization(s) with its business partner(s) to gain products source(s) those should delivered to customer(s) in exact needs.

Supply Chain Management with Dimensi Logistic

In Logistic Management, Dimensi Logistic have prior attentions to things below:

  • Distribution Network: Suppliers number and location, production facilities, main distribution, warehouse, and customers.
  • Distribution Strategy: centralized or decentralized, direct to shipping, cross landing, push or pull strategy, or using third party logistic.
  • Information: Integrated system and process through supply chain to share valuable information including requests, estimations, inventories, tranportations, etc.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory of quantities and locations including materials, work processes, and goods.
  • Cashflow: Arranging methods and terms of payments to exchanging cash through any entities in supply chain network.

Main purpose of supply chain are to ensure goods always flows from sources to endpoint customers. Each moving parts in supply chain should run as fast as possible. To avoid piled up of goods in one location, these flows should be maintained carefully in measured coordination.