Contract Logistics

Dimensi Logistic’s experts always help your business by keeping your customers satisfied with proper cost. Our reputation are built with delivering solid solutions to fulfill the needs of our customers. By handling of our skillful operation managers work together with chain designers, we design, implement and operate logistics solutions for your company. 

Our teams are work closely with our customers to get fully understand of your needs and finding the optimal solution addressing these need. We strongly support and encourage the best practice sharing across our operations through various industrial sectors. Continuous improvement through our Service Excellence program is embedded in our operations.

Why You Should Choose Dimensi Logistic as your partner?

  • Integrated logistic practices and processes
  • Continuous human resources quality and technology improvements
  • Fast analyzing for best strategic and technical plans to have safety, efficiency, and effectiveness on each deliveries
  • Transparency transaction and shipping details with our best-in-class operations and services
  • Solid and reliable performance by our team and logistic experts

We always looking forward for best mutual beneficial cooperation with your company using our advanced logistic services